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Part of what makes Muskegon great is how our people come together and get things done. Whether you are proudly wearing a WATCH MUSKEGON t-shirt, getting your hands dirty in a beautification project, or making a financial contribution, you are making an impact.

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The Muskegon STAR! program delivers information and resources that increase community knowledge and enhance customer service experiences.

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Watch Muskegon Stakeholders believe that community pride, knowledge and beautification directly impact the overall image of Muskegon County.

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Watch Muskegon is a county-wide initiative solely funded by donations. By donating, you are helping to enhance the quality of life, influence economic development, and increase tourism.

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Muskegon is filled with "people who care" and give much of their time to making a difference.

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Promote Watch Muskegon by downloading the logo (guidelines apply), using a Watch Muskegon water bottle at the beach, sipping out of a coffee mug at work, or rocking a t-shirt around town.

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There’s momentum building and positive things happening in Muskegon County and we think it’s time people took notice. We want people to know that Muskegon County is changing and that it has more to offer now than ever before. Watch what’s happening in Muskegon.
WatchMuskegon2 days ago
Great news for those of us that use Muskegon County Airport! Let's continue the positive momentum... “If the region’s passengers want to keep this new schedule, and hopefully add additional flights in the future, we need to maximize the passenger loads to justify keeping the current schedule or risk losing it,” Tripp said. #ThisIsMuskegon
WatchMuskegon3 days ago
Construction season is coming! This construction project is going to make some great changes to the area! Don't forget business will still be open during the construction so be sure to visit them often and plan time to get around. Lakeside District Association

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