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Part of what makes Muskegon great is how our people come together and get things done. Whether you are proudly wearing a WATCH MUSKEGON t-shirt, getting your hands dirty in a beautification project, or making a financial contribution, you are making an impact.

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The Muskegon STAR! program delivers information and resources that increase community knowledge and enhance customer service experiences.

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Watch Muskegon Stakeholders believe that community pride, knowledge and beautification directly impact the overall image of Muskegon County.

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Watch Muskegon is a county-wide initiative solely funded by donations. By donating, you are helping to enhance the quality of life, influence economic development, and increase tourism.

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Muskegon is filled with "people who care" and give much of their time to making a difference.

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This is the official Facebook page for the Watch Muskegon campaign.This Facebook page exists to promote Watch Muskegon as a county-wide, privately funded campaign. Launched by a number of local businesses, individuals and passionate Muskegon residents. This inclusive initiative focuses on promoting Muskegon County as a great place to LIVE, WORK, PLAY, and LEARN!We aim to use this social media tool to inform and engage our community to improve the overall image of the Muskegon area, share the positive changes that have already taken place, and educate residents on Muskegon’s assets. Watch Muskegon focuses on three pillars to accomplish these goals: Beautification, Education and Marketing. We encourage your participation and ask that you exercise civility and goodwill when it comes to communication. Any intentionally rude comments will be removed along with comments containing profanity, vulgarities, accusations or accusatory language toward an individual or business. Thank you for obeying these rules.
WatchMuskegon5 hours ago
Have you checked out the "Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska, the Lost Photographs" exhibit over at the Muskegon Museum of Art? Featuring over 100 newly discovered photos, Muskegon's art museum is lucky enough to be the first public showing of them! The exhibit will be in Muskegon until January 21! Check it out today and take advantage of the MMA's "Free Thursdays!"
WatchMuskegon1 week ago
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