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Find Your Own Adventure

Whether you're into heart-racing, outdoor adventures or relaxing indoors with one of our tasty draft beers, we have something for everyone here in Muskegon.

Adventure Outside
Paddle down river, get lost in nature, or simply sit on the beach and watch the waves lap against the shore. There is no shortage of outdoor activities in Muskegon.
Arts & Entertainment
Muskegon has a vibrant art culture that is waiting to be explored. 60 public art pieces. 13 museums. Enjoy the elegance and vibrancy of Muskegon’s Great Art!
Craft Culture
Discover Muskegon County’s best eats! High quality handcrafted food, beer, and spirits have made their home in Muskegon.
From outdoor festivals in the summer to a variety of musical showcases in the historic Frauenthal theater year round, Muskegon’s events are pillars of our community.
Downtown Muskegon is the hub of the entertainment district, anchored in part by the Frauenthal Center, Muskegon Museum of Art, and the Muskegon Farmers Market.
Fresh and specialty food, vintage, and boutique finds are all must-haves on your shopping list during your visit to our shoreline destination.

Find yourself in Muskegon.