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History of the Campaign

Muskegon County has gone through some big changes over the years. Many locals remember the times when Muskegon County was struggling with our image. Thankfully, those days are all but gone. However, back in 2016, the county needed a morale boost. Residents and outsiders alike didn’t have the most positive impression of Muskegon.

Through joint efforts by the City of Muskegon, The Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, several other local organizations, and community leaders, the Watch Muskegon, AKA “Watch Us Go”, brand began in 2016 as a community pride-building place-marketing campaign to show that Muskegon was on the rise. It quickly became viral and hasn’t lost steam since. Even communities outside of Muskegon now recognize it and it’s become a true representation of the great things happening in Muskegon County.

Download and Use our Logo!

One thing that helped the campaign's success is making the logo available for public use. Individuals and businesses have used the Watch Muskegon logo on apparel and several other marketing and communications tactics. Feel free to download the logo here, but we kindly ask that you don't mess with a good thing... Please help us keep the logo's integrity strong by avoiding changes to the font, colors, or design.

Find yourself in Muskegon.