The goal of the Watch Muskegon Community Image Campaign is to improve the overall image of the Muskegon area and promote the positive changes that have recently taken place. Research shows that community pride and positive word-of-mouth advertising will attract new residents, tourists, businesses and capital investments to the community. Community collaboration and strategic goal setting are central in a plan to improve people’s perception of Muskegon County, both internally and externally.

The Watch Muskegon Campaign is comprised of 3 pillars, including Marketing, Education & Beautification.

A committee of local individuals, businesses and governments worked together to complete this study, which is a concept for beautification of the Sherman Boulevard Corridor.

This study is a road map to:

  • Enhance the area
  • Make residents proud of their community
  • Encourage business growth
  • Make area more welcoming for visiting tourists


2017 Beautification Clean-Up Dates

April 22 – County-Wide Beautification Clean-Up

July 24-27 – Sherman Blvd. Beautification Clean-Up

October 14 – County-Wide Beautification Clean-Up


CLICK HERE to view the Beautification Project Overview

Photos from the Sherman Blvd. Corridor Clean-up 2016

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